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To those who want to adopt SALA dogs -- please read

If you find out during the trial period that it is difficult to go well along with the candidate dog, please return the dog as soon as possible. Or it would be all right if you decide to take more time for the candidate dog. As most of the dogs have sad experience or
had been forced to live in a severe environment we do not want them forced another emotional distress.

In many cases even small puppies do not adapt to new environment, so please do not make an easy decision when you apply to a foster parent.

We strongly hope that you first participate in volunteering at SALA shelter
to get friendly with the dogs, and you take time in deciding a candidate dog.

We sincerely appreciate your kind understanding about the animals who cannot
word out their feelings.

We will deliver the candidate dog to the adoptive family at a start of trial
period and we will check the environment of the family's residence. However,
in case the candidate dog is cancelled the adoptive family is responsible to
take the dog back to us.

If the adoptive family cannot deliver the dog back to us by any reasons, a "pet car hire" will be arranged (at actual cost)

Currently we, SALA are in extremely short-of-staff situation, and we often have to ask "pet car hire" (at a charge) for moving the animals. We are also
facing a severe financial difficulties. 
Again, we would like to ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

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Hometmp info_sato-oya

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