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Request for
an application form
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How to apply
Please read the followings carefully before you fill in the application form.

Thank you very much indeed for your interest in the activities of SALA NETWORK.
Before you fill in the entrance application form, please read carefully the conditional items mentioned in the application form and the followings.
And, we understand that you have understood and accepted all the items at the time of the application form submitted by you.

1 About the Active Members and Non-active Members
The members of SALA are divided into the active members and the non-active (supporting) members roughly. ias for the details, please refer to the "Members Structure"j
If you apply as ordinary active volunteer member, you will be classification A, "Senior Member".

Active members will work on animal care (dog walk, cleaning the dog cages, feeding, etc.) street fund raising and other various activities such as visits to nursing homes for the aged and so on.

If you think "I cannot participate the activities but want to cooperate with the organization by membership fee", please choose classification D, "Support Member".

*If you want to be a Foster Member (foster parent member - "daddy long leg for dogs & cats), please choose whether active or non-active at the time of registration.

2 About the days when you are able to participate in the activities
If you decide to be an active member, please write down in the available days column the day(s) of the week and time zone when you can definitely help us. Please do not make a hard schedule so that you can continue the activities as long as possible.
Our activities consist of each other's trust. Please surely keep the dates and times you promised to come to participate in the activities.

3 About the oath clauses
When animals are treated, it is not allowed to participate in the activities with vague feelings.
Please fully understand the objectives of our organization, and read the oath clauses thoroughly and carefully.

About the agreement clauses
* I agree with the SALA's activity objectives, and I will follow the regulations and detailed rules and will not cause any problems or troubles.
* As the animals are treated on the occasion of activities unexpected things might happen. In that case I accept that I release all the rights toward SALA, and I will use my own insurance for the injuary.
* I agree that any kind of skills I offer are free of charge, and I will not require a compensation except for the necessary expenses.
* If the items at the organization is lost or broken due to my carelessness, I will report it promptly and then compensate for them.
* I agree that all the expenses such as food, drinks etc. I spend during the activities will be paid for by myself except for a special case.
* I will keep my declared activity dates, and if I have to cancel due to unavoidable reason I will surely make contact with the organization by the previous day.
* I will participate in the activities more than four times a month for at least more than 2 hours each time basically. If I can't participate on the expected date due to unavoidable reason, another appropriate date will be picked up. iHowever, even in that case, I will participate at leas three times a month.j
* I try to participate in the events such as visits to nursing homes for the aged, street fund raising, summer camp and foster dog/adoptive family gatherings as much as possible..
* I agree with that once I become a member I cannot withdraw my membership for at least six months.
* The above clause deos not apply to non-active members (supporting members), but they should cooperate in developing public relations as much as possible.
* I will observe as one of the prohibition clauses not to lend or borrow money or present goods among the members.
* I try to promote mutual friendship among the members, to maintain the cooperation system, and at the same time to expand the members.
* Even if I myself protected animals I will never bring them into SALA.
* In case of the resignation by own reason, in principle I will submit membership withdrawal form one month in advance and I will participate in the activities as usual until the resignation date.

4 About the switchover to another membership
If you want to switchover to another membership from the one that you registered, please take the following procedure.
  1. Fill in the necessary items of the designated form.
  2. If you have any un-paid monthly fees, please settle them without delay.
  3. A switchover will be in effect one month later from the date when a request form is accepted.

As for the Foster Members (foster parent members - "Daddy Long Legs for the dogs/cats")
cannot switch the membership to another one except for the case that the designated dogs/cats died or they were adopted (another dog or cat can be designated in this case). If any specific dog or cat is not designated, a membership switchover is possible.

In case of a switchover from active membership to non-active membership
the membership should be "suppoert member" or over..

Please note that the refund of fee is not made at all at a membership switchover .

5 About the procedure of absence and withdrawal

Althogh we do not have a membership absence system, absence is admitted as a special case only when our administrative office judges the reason is unavoidable. @iNote - this applies to the active members only)

Absence period is for 2 months at the longest.
Even during the absence period members are requested
to pay a membership fee in advance.

Please note that if the absence period exceeds 2 months, it is regarded as a membership switchover to a non-active member becoming a supporting member.@iPlease refer to the Section 4. above) -- Support member or over


If you want to withdraw your membership of our organization due to unavoidable reason, please take the following procedure.
  1. PLease submit the withdrawal form after you fill in all the necessary items.
  2. If you have any membership fees over due, please settle it without delay.
  3. Your withdrawal will be in effect one month after the date your withdrawal form is accepted.

Even after you submitted a withdrawal form, please actively participate in the activities as a member for one month until your withdrawal procedure is completed.
Please understand that
membership fee cannot be refunded at all following membership withdrawal.

Please note -- If you withdraw membership and do not need SALA uniforms, would you be kind enough to donate them to us. Those uniforms will be temporarily used by visitors.

6 Other notes
When you are becoming a mebmer, please let our administrative office know in advance if any of the following items applies to you.
  1. Worry about having a weak constitution, anemia, some deseases, or@fatigue easily piled up or regularly seeing a doctor and so on.
  2. Off days from the work are irregular e.g. having many working days on holidays, and it's difficult to make a definite schedule.
  3. There is family member who opposes to volunteer activities.

Please consult with us if you have any other worries.

Save what you require, print out on a A4-size paper and send it to us after filled out

Download the entrance application form

Home >Request foran application Form 
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