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If you want to help with the activities of SALA as a volunteer member, we would like to ask you to submit the regular application form with your photograph (.3cm X 4cm in size) pasted on it.

You can download the application form from our home page or you can ask for the form by telephone or FAX (the form will be sent out the same day) or by post (the form will be sent out as soon as your request is received). The form can be requested also by e-mail (but as the e-mail messages are not frequently checked it may take some time for us to send out the form),

You can also come to our office and apply. In this case, if you have anything unclear our staff members will explain, so please feel free to visit us.
If you want to visit our office, please make an appointment by telephone IN ADVANCE. Please understand that if you come without appointment, it might be possible that no staff members are available to meet you.

At registration as a volumteer member, you are requested to prepare entrance fee (annual fee of ¥5,000 for Senior members/ monthly fee of 1,000 for Support members/ monthly fee of ¥5,000 for Foster members), ¥5,000 for SALA T-shirts (2) uniform, and identification such as driver's lisence or health insurance card and seal (Hanko).

Our organization is always short of helping hands from people. We are sincerely waiting for your active participation!

- - - Please note - - -

 Contact address/Tel./Fax numbers for various enquiries


4-8-12, Koremasa, Fuchu-City, Tokyo 183-0014

TEL 042-362-3400 / FAX 042-362-3412


Home >Volunteer_How to apply

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