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Please give us your helping hands!


We always need fund and assistance by people to maintain and manage this organization. Your kind participation in the various activities at the shelter and at the office is desired in order to save and protect more dogs and cats.

Any time, with anything and any hours your kind help is welcomed! We await your kind help and support.


What the volunteer members are

The main work is to structure the organization and to help SALA NETWORK staff members in maintaining and operating the organization. (Membership fee is required)

The works are as follows


Care of the dogs and the cats

Daily dog walk, feeding, cleaning the cages of the dogs and cats, etc.

Visit activities (A.A.A)

Visits to nursing homes for the aged and various establishments (shampoo the dogs before the visits, conveyance, etc.)

Clerical works

Answer the telephone, prepare documents, up-date name lists, clear the receipts, edit and send out the bulletin and so on.

Procure the articles of consumption

Procure the articles for daily consumption such as newspapers and vynil bags and put them in order.


The works relating to maintaining and operating the organization such as preparation for various events, cleaning the office and so on.



Short of assistance by those specialists such as



Veterinarians・AHT・trainers・trimmers・breeding management specialists, etc.


School teachers・nurses・lawyers・boy scouts & girl scouts experienced people

Engineering and construction related

Those who have work experience in engineering・construction・plastering・water works・iron industry・ electric works, etc.

Editing work

Works in word processor・personal computer・printing・photography・illustration and editing, etc.

Driving a car and vehicles

Driving a car and offering the vehicles at various activities and events, etc.


Home >Volunteer_Top

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