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These are the photographs of the terrible pet shop, an article of which was reported in SALA News section on January 15, 2004.
These photographs were sent to SALA with the sender's name not mentioned at the end of last year.
We kept these photographs "pending"for a long time because it was very difficult for us to get permission from the "unknown" sender to put them in public.

However, we have dared to put these photographs in public and want you all aware of the actuality.
It is so terrible to look at, but this is actually happening.........
We visited the pet shop in question at the end of last year. When we visited the shop the shutters of their breeding site were all closed and we could not look at inside.
There is a "pet boom" of certain kind of breeds in Japan, but on the other hand there are dogs who are treated merely as "puppy producing machine" forced to live in a tiny space where they cannot even move in a terrible environment. Please aware of this fact.

(The comments on each photograph are made basically by the sender of the photographs.

There were 3 dogs in such a tiny cage....
They barked when we got close to them. It was not hostile barking but they looked rather fawning on us. It's so pitty to see the cute dogs scratching the cage to draw our attention.
I tried to stretch my arm at least to pat on them, but their cages were out of the reach - it was so irritating.....
The dachshund behind was barking while going round and round and round......

Urine dripping from the cages and the color of the concrete floor faded....
There must be washable trays beneath the cages, but they were not clearly recognized - probably color of the trays also badly faded.
These dogs are squeezed in small cages where they cannot even move. These cages look not so old, but why the floor of the upper cage inclines?...... These cages are now under the sun shine, but there are no fences or shades around the cages to block wind - they are exposed to chilly wind during at night in the winter season.
A bowl of water(?) can be seen beside the dog - the dog and a bowl occupy the floor space leaving no space for a dog to move or to turn in the cage. Many many wates are scattered around the lower cage.
Big amount of wastes scattered under every cage. Some cages have high floor (drain board) for easy cleaning, but those cages must have been left uncleaned for a long time because thick liquid of uirine and wastes mixed found under the cages.
This must be very bad for the health to the neighborhood as well as to the dogs there of course in hot and humid summer. Allthough we visited the place in winter the terrible smell reached us even from a long distance.

(The dog in the lower cage is surrounded by the wastes dropped from the upper cage where 2 dachsfunds are squeezed.)
The dog in the lower cage must have a beautiful hair before, but now it got so dirty. The wastes piled up are getting white being left uncleaned for days.
The bowl in the cage is not cleaned at all. The dog had blank look on his face in the cage placed directly on the cold concrete floor surrounded by wastes -- his sad-looking eyes tell us everything about this place.
If you look at this photo carefully, you notice a trace of water run by the wastes - the poor dog must have got wet when the floor was washed.

There was a storage at the corner of the breeding site and inside the storage there are many cages piled up on the steel shelves.
(When we visited there the shutter was closed and we could not see inside. However, we heard many barkings from inside of the storage - it is certain that quite many dogs are squeezed in there.)

Inside the storage.
The storage is rather deep and 3-story cages are placed on every shelf. There were spider's webs in many places - it looks that no regular cleaning has been given at all.


Steel cages badly stained due to urine and big amount of wastes scattered around .....
These cages are too small for the dogs to move - they can just lay down. You notice from this photo that the dogs heads touch the ceiling even when they just sit.
Are they taken for a walk by any chance? -- never ever --- We think that stress these dogs suffer caused by terrible environment like this and lack of exercise is immeasurable.
(They cannot give birth to puppies of good health and good character in such terrible environment. We quite understand that this shop causes troubles with customers quite often.)

You can also see the wastes forming a mountain here.
Even in such a terrible environment is this dog a little better than those dogs exposed in the open air? It's so fearful that it made me think that way!
These photographs are taken at a "breeder's" place actually exists and this terrible "puppy mill" is still in operation.
I heard that the government office aknowledged it a "proper breeding". Is the government office's judgement also "proper"???....

What do you think?

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