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Summary of the Ohmiya case
A breeder (so called) in Iida-Shinden, Ohmiya City, Saitama Prefecture disappeared leaving the dogs behind and at least 16 of them were starved to death.
The breeder's place was in the agricultural area in the suburbs of Ohmiya City and many claims were reported to the Ohmiya Health Center -- "dogs in the cages are left in open air without any shades", "6 dogs died in the breeder's place", "dogs wastes have been piled up giving out bad smell", etc. etc.
The Ohmiya Health Center officers visited the breeder's place 6 times in total. The breeder was absent every time when the officers visited, but at last the officers could meet with the breeder and warned him of the fact that many claims are received at the Health Center. However, the breeder told the officers that he would find adoptive families for all the dogs, so he does not want to be interfered -- he was not cooperative at all. The officers could see over 10 dogs in cages and also dogs without cages there at that time.
But soon after, the breeder disappeared and nobody knew where he was gone. Therefore, the Ohmiya Health Center officers entered the breeder's place on March 24 .after getting entrance permission from the breeder's relatives and they found as many as 16 dogs were starved to death.
According to the neighborhood the breeder moved to the place about 6 years ago and started to keep dogs and he had over 50 dogs one time. However, he did not give the dogs proper care at all and their wastes were piling up giving out bad smell, and the neighborng people were disturbed by many flies also.
r`k`@mdsvnqj visited the breeder's place and protected 13 dogs on March 14. Most of the protected dogs had been infected with heartworms and suffering from serious skin problems. Moreover, some dogs had legs dislocated, or malformed due to malnutrishment and they were very afraid of human.
As most of the dogs were of pure breed, the man must have kept the dogs for the purpose of "breeding" and "selling". However it was found out that he did not give even rabies vaccination to any of the dogs or did not report to the government office being an "animal-related business" operator either.
About 70 members of animal protection groups including r`k`@mdsvnqj filed a criminal suit against the breeder claiming that he forced the dogs to be in the terrible environment for a long time and it is the crime of animal abuse -- breaking the law of animal protection and proper care.
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Home >Dog Rescue_Top@> Ohmiya
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