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 arrow markSALA Junior Club Outline

 SALA Junior Club was established to rear the junior members aiming at the animal protection from an early age. At present, there are about 60 members in total consisting of elementary school children (Puppy Members), and junior high & high school students (Junior Members).

 The members of the SALA Junior Club are actively participate in visits to the homes for the aged, fund raising activities and events such as Fuchu Welfare Festival.

 Please come and look at the Junior Club members at these events. It will certainly encourage them.

Junior club members' activities Junior club members' activitiesJunior club members' activities

 arrow markActivities and the aim of rearing at the SALA junior Club

  • Culture of sentiments for the members.
  • Cooperation with other people.
  • The experience of aging and death through the animals.

We aim at the activities like boy scout. It is just like a club activity at school or an outside-the-school class. Therefore, we would like to ask for the participation and cooperation of the family members as well.

 arrow markChildren's daily activities 

Here, we introduce the works that children usually do at SALA.
Cleaning the shelters of dogs and cats.Junior club members' activities
Feeding dogs and cats, refill the water bowls with fresh water and cleaning dog and cat toilets .

Junior club members' activities

Washing food bowls and used towels.

Take dogs out for a walk. (When it rains, they cut and fold newspapers to be used
for dogs' waste pick-up, put gathered newspapers in order, fold pamphlets, etc.)

Junior club members' activities

Shampoo the dogs before visits to nursing homes for the aged.and so on.
The children are handling these works very well dividing the works among themselves.
The childrens' kind daily works will be the light for the future of the dogs and cats.


dog footprint markInstructions for the children at SALA Junior Club

 arrow markObservance of greeting

Among the children who come to help at SALA some can greet voluntarily but some cannot. At first even they cannot greet it will become a habit to greet while greeting other people every day, and this is what we instruct the children.


 arrow markGeneral etiquette (use of the term of respect
  toward senior people, etc.)

The children's behavior and etiquette vary depending on the age and the policy of their home discipline. However, SALA has an instructing policy based on the general etiquette in order that everyone feels fine in carrying out the activities.


 arrow markYou should take care of yourself

 At SALA you should take care of yourself. It is common to both children and adults to clear things themselves that they used. Cups, plates, leashes, towels, etc. are the things that the children use daily and put them away to the appopriate places after they used. And, the used newspaper pieces are also included in the things that the children should clear. The observance of these things should be encouraged at home as well.

 Guidance for the junior by the senior children

The members consist of wide age ranges from elementary to high schools. The children who are senior or who already know the activities well are guiding the junior or newly-joined children voluntarily.


 arrow markDoing works voluntarily

We aim at "the children act voluntarily". The children gather to the purpose of "doing activities at SALA", and we want to develop their indpendency, cultivate their ability to think themselves, decide themselves and act. We also instruct the children that in acting they should be thoughtful to the other people who work together with them.



dog footprint mark JUNIOR CLUB activities agreement

 arrow markThe JUNIOR CLUB regulations


  1. Parents' permission is required for the children to become SALA Junior Club members.
    We ask for the annual membership fees, \1,000 for Puppy members (elementary school children), \2,000 for Junior members (junior high school children) and \3,000 Junior members (children aged 16-18 years old). These membership fees will be used for the Junior Club events.
     In case that they cannot participate in the activities any longer due to an unavoidable circumstances, they should be registered as absent members or cancel the membership and settle the membership fees as well.

  2. SALA Junior Club is acting to the purpose of "save unhappy dogs and cats" through communication with dogs and cats. Therefore, the activity is not just to take the dogs out for a walk, but also all other dog/cat-related things are included in the activities. Participation is sometimes restricted when the members do not follow this policy.

  3. The children of the 1st grade of elementary school and over can become SALA Junior Club members, but those who are of the 3rd grade and under should be accompanied by a parent or a protector when they participate in the activities. Therefore, when the children of 1st-3rd grades of elementary school register as the members their parents or protectors are requested to be registered as well.

  4. Events like fund raising and visits to nursing homes for the aged are held on every Saturday and Sunday. As for these events the members are requested to let us know whether they will participate or not in advance.

  5. When any behavior remarkably against our policy such as bullying to others or abusing animals is observed the registration as members might be cancelled or we will make them absent members.

  6. When the members go out with the SALA staff members, they must notify SALA of it. (If going out with their friends, no need to notify SALA)



dog footprint markWe ask the members' parents or protectors for                     the followings

 arrow markMeals and snacks should be prepared by
  the members themselves

Wherever you are, you sometimes get hungry. Please make something like rice balls for lunch or snacks for the children when they participate in SALA events. When the members use the food stuff being kept at SALA they are requested to pay for it.


 arrow markWe ask the members for bearing the premium of
  travel insurance during the events

Every event needs the travel or transfer insurance premium of ¥150 per person.


 Membership fees of Junior Club are separated from
    SALA accounting

The membership fees will be used for Junior Club's Christmas party and other events.


 arrow markWe ask the members to buy SALA uniform cap for ¥1,000

The members wear this cap when they take dogs out for a walk and at various events. The uniform T-shirts are also available in S - XL sizes and 1 set (2 T-shirts) will cost ¥5,000.


 Cannot become SALA Junior Club members without
  permission of the parents

Especially, the children of the 3rd grade and under of elementary school cannot participate in the events without being accompanied by a parent or a protector.


 arrow markThe children leave SALA to go home when
    "the bell of love" (sound of bell broadcased by
     the City of Fuchu to tell people time) rings

Our full attention is paid especially on the Puppy Members (elementary school children). When parent's permission is specially given we ask the children to participate in activities according to the permission.


 arrow markThe children are asked not to bring much money when
    they come to SALA

Many people are coming in and out at the time of the activities. In order to avoide an incidence of lost money we ask the children to bring just a small amount of money enough for soft drinks and so on. Moreover, we also ask the children not to bring in expensive things or games with them.


 arrow markWe ask the members to wear the clothes they do not mind to
    get dirty when coming to SALA

Their clothes and shoes easily get dirty while they are working on a dog walk and cleaning the dog cages. We ask the parents to let the children wear the clothes that they do not mind to get dirty .


 arrow markWe ask the children to wear their name plates and caps
    at various events and even at their daily works at SALA

We try to have the children recognize that they are participating in the activities as one of the members.

 arrow markPlease let the children to attend the evens and meetings
    as much as possible

The meetings that members gather would be an important occasion where they can strengthen ties among friends, think of the future policy and make decisions.
 The activities in the public place would be the formal occasion for the children that are different from their daily life. This is also the occasion for the children to recognize themselves as a member of the society. We hope that the children's family members will also participate in the activities as a part of the social education.


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