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Please help us !!  SALA is now facing financial difficulty.  Due to the long-lasting depression we are in extremely short of fund to operate our organization.  It is difficult even to keep a minimum number of staff members at SALA.  Moreover, we are losing staff members who drive a car and this means that we cannot carry our sick dogs to animal hospitals, cannot carry our dogs for adoptive family finding events, cannot do our regular visits to nursing homes for the aged, cannot do our daily fund-raising in Shinjuku, etc. etc.  We sincerely ask for your continued donations and support.  Thenk you!

Big number of dogs and cats are protected at the dog rescue groups among the network including SALA (over 600 dogs and over 1,000 cats in total).

We try to find kind adoptive families for these unhappy dogs and cats hoping that they can start a happy life. Our activities are purely supported by your kind cooperation and donations.

NPO SALA NETWORK is always in need of the following things.
We should be very happy if you would kindly understand our activities and policy and we greatly appreciate your further cooperation and donations.

【Foods - "life line for dogs and cats"】
Dog & cat food: dry food (large & small)・canned food・etc.

*for puppies (kitten)
*Maintenance/ Senior/ Light
*Milk (puppy・kitten・adult & senior)
*Weaning food(flakes・powder・canned food)
Treatment food : dry food / canned food
*PH-controled food・ food for sensitive skin
*Highly nutritious food (liquid ・paste)
【The items needed for the animals】
Towels - various kinds・cotton blankets・ blankets・ pet sheets (regular to extra-wide sizes)・
wood chips sand for cat toilet・ dog & cat shampoo and rins・ detergent・ bleach・disinfectant solutions (for dog cages)・Isodin・Maskin water0.05%(disinfectants for animals)・Orange X (food bowl cleaner)・cut cottons・ applicators・Frontline・ Heart worm preventive medicine・mosquito-repellent incenses・electric mosquito-repellent (chemical liquid also), etc.
trash vinyl bags (small ~ large sizes)・brooms・ washing sponges・ scrubbing brushes・ mops with sponge on the top・ deck brushes・ soaps・ both-sided combs・ brushes・ mat slickers・ mat cutters・ nail cutters・ trimming scissors・ dryers・ stainless food bowls・ oil pressure animal weight scale・ stainless "modular" dog cages・ collapsable dog cages (middle ~ extra large sizes), etc.

※Food should be without any coloring agents or food additives. No need for soft-type food.
Offer of dry food, canned food and milk would be highly appreciated.

Please note the following when you offer us materials!

As our office is very small and there is not enough space to  stoore mateirals, please contact us BEFORE you send us materials.
Please do NOT send us materials without contacting us in advance.

- - - We always struggle to find fund to operate our activities!- - -
Your kind donations are highly appreciated.

Your kind donations will be used to operate our organization
for animal rescue.
For animals: Animal-related items・Medical treatment food・Preventives・Items for animal care・Supplements・Name tags・Microchips・Medical check & treatment fee when animals are protected(blood test・urinary check・heart worm check・X-ray・inside parasite check・infectious disease preventive injections・neutering & spaying operation, etc.)・Leasing fee of renting dog cages, etc.

Operating costs: Electric, Gas & Water expenses・Communication costs・Automobile maintenance costs・Office-related expenses・Leasing fees of office machines・Parking fees・House renting fee
・staff-related costs

Any NPO organization is struggling especially to find staff members and to maintain the fund to cover its costs.
In general, people's understanding and attention to dogs & cats rescue activities are very small yet. and we cannot expect to get enough donations or support.
On the other hand, we cannot maintain volunteers for 24-hour management and maintaining of animal shelter
We much appreciate your kind understanding of our situation, and we keenly await your kind support to our organization.
For example, you can send us a public lottery card (e.g. @Y100) as your donation or contribution to SALA with your warm heart. Your warm heart will give us a big dream and hope.

SALA is being maintained purely by the warm support from you all. We would like to ask for your continued kind cooperation and support for the dogs and cats.


 A/C #s for your donations are as follows

Your donations to support our shelter management expenses
Postal transfer (at post office counter)
 00150-0-612302 SALA NETWORK

Automatic remittance (post office general savings account) 
10020-77973281 SALA NETWORK 

Kasumi Tanino, Representative
(If you make a payment by post office automatic remittance, please let us know of your name,
address and telephone number in advance).
NPO SALA NETWORK 4-8-12, Koremasa, Fuchu-City, Tokyo 183-0014

Your donations to support medical expenses
Postal transfer (at post office counter) : 00120-3-128973 Dumbo Fund

Assistance dog rearing expenses
Postal transfer (at post office counter):00110-1-416229 ADI

Thanks to kind support (donations and membership fees) from the people we can carry out our activities, and many dogs and cats have been saved and started new life.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to your kind support and donations on behalf of our animals, and we would also like to ask for your continued support and kind help.

           Kasumi Tanino (Representative), NPO SALA NETWORK

Home >Fund Raising

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