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Please See Rescued Dogs at SALA

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Foster Parents Outline

<<Daddy Long Legs for animals>>

SALA has several types of membership and among them there is a "Foster Member" which is also called "Daddy Long Legs for Animals".
There are many rescued dogs and cats at SALA, and a number of them have a rare chance to be adopted
due to born defect, old age, being too big in size and so on.
The expenses for their daily care, medical treatments, food, training, etc. keep increasing.
Such a small organization like SALA cannot receive any financial support from the government or there are no chances of receiving a large scale of donations at all either.

We would like to ask for the kind help of "Daddy Long Legs for animals" who would kindly support a part of the caring costs in keeping the lives of the protected dogs and cats.
We are waiting for kind help from as many "Daddy or Mammy Long Legs for dogs and cats" as possible.

A "Foster Member " can select to be an "active" or a "non-active" member, but basically "Daddy Long Legs" is a supporting member (non-active). If you apply to "Daddy or Mammy Long Legs", you will be a non-active "Foster Member".

Please be a foster parent of the rescued dogs & cats. If you become a "Daddy Long Legs for dogs & cats":

You bear a part of the caring costs of the rescued dogs & cats. (You can designate a specific dog or cat if you want.)
※If no specific dog or cat is designated, your fee will be used for the caring costs of all the rescued dogs & cats at SALA.
If you designate a dog or a cat, you can receive photographs and their recent condition at request. You can also take them out and stay overnight if you want.
※As SALA is always short of staff members, reports on the recent condition of the designated dogs or cats cannot be made regularly. We would like to ask for your kind understanding.

Monthly membership fee is ¥5,000 or over - any amount as you want.
Please use the following Postal A/C Number for your membership fee payment.

Postal transfer A/C Number (at post office counter) : 
00150-0-612302 SALA NETWORK

We expect many people's participation !
Thank you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Home >Foster Parents

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