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Objectives of activities
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Composition of members
The SALA NETWORK Regulations

Name Save Animals Love Animals NETWORK
Abbreviated Name NPO SALA NETWORK
Head Office 4-8-12, Koremasa, Fuchu City, Tokyo
Administrative Office
Same as above
Administrative office is set up as the base of the organization's all clerical works and public relations managed by the office staff members.
Representative Hold the representative right
Must be familiar with animal protection, breeding and handling dogs and cats, animal-related regulations, etc and also must cope with the matters related to these.
Director Five Regular Directors are selected among the senior members and the BBS members.
Chief Admntv. Officer Represent the opinion of the organization and its administrative office and also responsible for public relations.
Advisor Can provide the organization with technical knowledge and advice.
Not involved in the organization's management.
Legal advisor Cope with all legal troubles relating to the organization's management and take proper measures.

A. Hold a resolution right
Representative E Chief Administrative Officer E Regular Directors ESenior and BBS members

B. Do not hold a resolution right
Advisor E Legal Advisor E Junior & Foster membersE Adoption members E Supporting members E Associate members E Group members E Corporate members E non-member volunteers

Shelter Look for as many "temporary foster families" as possible in various areas.
Support from technicians Try to maintain cooperation from those who have qualification licenses (or trainees) like veterinarianEanimal nurseEdog trainerEtrimmerEnurse Eexperienced person in educationEdoctor or intern and boy scouts, girl scouts or senior scouts experienced person as much as possible.

Details of the regulations
  1. Based on animal ptorection spirit, "SALA NETWORK" aims at protection, rearing and adoption family finding for those dogs and cats who were lost, abondoned and lost at disaster. Basically the organization consists of memers, and is funded and operated with the membership fees, donations and some business income.

  2. The board of directors select Representative, Chief Administrative Offficer and Accountant by more than 2/3 trust. The selected Representative, Chief Administrative Officer and Accountant will act also as directors.

  3. The board of directors select secretariat members and editorial committee members, 3 people each. The selected people will work on clerical works and bulletin production respectively.

  4. The board of directors must request all members for their letters of attorney in case of the revision of the regulations.

  5. Each member abides by the regulations, and should keep in mind to act properly in speech and behavior not to be ashamed of as a member of "SALA NETWORK".

  6. And each member should try to let the society know of the present condition surrounding animals widely and to expand the circle of activities and cooperation.

  7. Each member will cooperate in maintaining and operating the organization and will positively participate in activities and events.

  8. Each member will use his/her skills (driving a car, medical and other techniques, etc) for the organization's activities, maintenance and operation.

  9. In maintaining and managing the shelters the members residing in neighbouring area will cooperate as much as they can.

  10. A bulletin "BRIDGE" is issued 4 times a year basically, and a list of members is up-dated once a year.

  11. We have "SALA JUNIOR CLUB" consisting of the members of 6-18 years old as a related organization aiming at "the animal protection from childhood", and it acts actively in "rearing of heart" for the youth.

  12. "SALA JUNIOR CLUB" does various activities individually with financial independence, and a captain and 3 sub-captains are selected from "SALA NETWORK" adult members and they will give the children a guidance.

  13. The BBS (Big Brothrs & Sisters) members will support the leaders (captains and sub-captains) as "the big brothers and sisters" of "SALA JUNIOR CLUB".

  14. "SALA JUNIOR CLUB" issues a bulletin "ONE" 4 times a year basically, and up-date the members list twice a year.

  15. We have a separate organization called "ADI" with assistance dog program (promote and train assistance and hearing dogs) aiming at rearing those dogs among the rescued dogs.

  16. Each organization collects membership fees every year and the term of one year is April to March next year. Maintain and operate whole organization.

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