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Can you hear......... the voice of the animals?
What can we do for the animals?....... Now it is the time we should think about it seriously, isn't it.

You, you and you also...... Someone should start doing something... Just "something" small.

  SALA -Save Animals Love Animals- NETWORK is a group who hopes to make the huge number of animals killed at the public animal shelters, almost 900,000 annually, close to as zero as possible.
@We can save only a small number of dogs facing death at the public animal shelters being sent there due to human's carelessness, irresponsibility and egoistic selfishness. But, we try to find adoption families for them or to give them trainings to be companion, assistance or hearing dogs - their new start.

SALA is the place where dog-loving children naturally learn about dog owner's moral, sympathy for the weak, aging and death, necessity of neutering/spaying operations and importance of lifelong care of animals through touching and caring the animals. My house is offerred and used as DOG HOME. We have those dog-loving children as SALA Junior Club members, and it was the start of SALA NETWORK.

  "Dogs, Children & the Old" - If we got talented people, enough fund and fixed structure, we hope to establish a "SALA HOME" where orphans, children with difficulty to cope with the society, heart-wounded adults and the old with no relatives can live with the animals facing death at the public shelters and various retired assistance dogs.

  Place to accommodate rescued dogs, an office to work on adoption family finding after health check, find original owners for lost dogs, a training room for the dogs to be family dogs, companion dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs according to the dogs' aptitude, and a treatment room for wounded/sick dogs and neutering/spaying operations and vaccinations. Also facilities for a trimming room and a shop selling dog-related goods, cages, food for the easy use by adoption families and this is to maintain our operation - this is the "SALA DOG HOME" we aim to establish.
@And not just relying on membership fees and donations SALA NETWORK hopes to establish a self-support operation by doing transportation of dogs and cats, manage animal cemetary that owners can share with their pets, publish a newsletter for adoption family finding and so on as supplementary business.

  The goal SALA aims at is endlessly high, and a dream spreads out, and hope swells, too.
  We cannot just stand by with our arms folded although reality is quite severe and the way is far and rugged.
@Kind cooperation by as many people as possible is needed not to make our dream ends in only a dream.

SALA@-Save Animals Love Animals-
@Animals mean not only dogs and cats but human being is also animal. And we must keep in mind the fact that we all, both human being and animals are crew members of the same "spaceship, the Earth" and we must protect that mothership -- don't you think so?

  It is almost impossible to carry out this activity just by one individual, and therefore much fund, many talented people and understanding and kind cooperation by surrounding people are indispensable.
@If each person's little thought gathers, it will make a big circle and it may lead to making one stream. Therefore, kind cooperation from as many people as possible is indispensable.@

  Please visit our home page and if you agree with our thought, would you be kind enough to extend your kind cooperation to us.

Kasumi Tanino, Representative of SALA NETWORK


Home > About SALA_Prospectus
HOME úU About SALA úU S A LA News úU The foster parent wanted. úU The member wanted. úU F A Q úU Contribution
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