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Can you hear.. the voice of animals?

What were they born for?

Although we have a so-called "pet boom" in Japan, it is said that the number of the dogs and cats captured at the public animal protection centers due to owners' carelessness, irrisponsibility or egoistic selfishness is 800,000-900,000. Quite very few of them can return to their owners or find new adoption families. Most of them will be either used for animal experiments or killed - not an easy and painless death (carbonic acid gass and burned even still alive) - their lives are taken away, no way to get out of it for them.

The environment that human being and animals can live together

SALA (Save Animals Love Animals) NETWORK is the group of people who desire to reduce the number of unhappy dogs and cats and to live together with them.
@The animals are also our friends who share the society, the earth and the space with us. It should be the base for creating the environment that all lives can live together if we respect our friends' lives, ptotect their right to live, think over the human-dominated daily life again and cultivate sentiment of sympathy for the weak.

Objectives of SALA's activities

  1. Persuade the administration offices and promote adoption and foster family system for the dogs and the cats captured at the public animal shelters who were lost or abandoned.

  2. Carry out protection and adoption family finding activities for dogs and cats as much as we can.

  3. Promote and enlighten people on neutering and spaying operations in order not to make unhappy lives.

  4. Request the administration offices for the improvement of public animal shelters management and systems.

  5. Encourage permission to live with animals at collective residence/apartments.
    -Thoroughness of owners' moral and appropriate care of the animals.-

  6. Appeal for the installation of "dog parks" where people can enjoy playing with dogs.
    -Appeal for the owners' moral improvement and proper care/training of the animals. -

  7. Train candidate dogs among the rescued dogs to be assistance dogs and hearing dogs, and establish a caring house for the retired assistance and hearing dogs.

  8. Rearing of the junior members who aim at the animal protection from their chilhood.

  9. The establishment of "SALA DOG HOME", an animal protection house, financially self-operated by SALA.

  10. The establishment of 'SALA HOME' where the aged people can live together with dogs, cats and children.

  11. Hold "dog training classes" with close communications with the local areas and promote appropriate dog care and training.

  12. Firm establishment of neutering and spaying operations subsidy system and suggestion on improvements, etc.
We at SALA sincerely hope that the number of dogs and cats who are forced to make very sad end of life due to human being's carelessness and egoistic selfishness will be zero. We hope you kindly understand our thoughts and we are awaiting your participation and kind cooperation!@

Home >About SALA_Objectives of Activites
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