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Please do not shut your eyes!   Ignoring is the worst sin ...
The life that you can save with your spending worth just a cup of coffee.
To those dogs & cats who are starting a new life.
 SALA, it is a starting place. 
May the home of the foster family be the place of happy living for the rest of life.
    Wish them ever-lasting happiness for the sake of the colleague dogs & cats 
who ended their lives without having had happy days.....

The dogs and cats at public animal centers are dreaming of their owners coming to see them and taking them back home. They are dreaming of it in the cold cages until the last moment. This is a song made from the viewpoint of those dogs and cats who are now facing curel end of life (to be killed with carbon dioxide at public animal centers.)   
>>> Lyric: Silver Ray    Song: MasA  <<<

Memories ~ Until the Last Moment
Memories ...... Long for the days when you were beside me
Memories ...... The home where the happy days I pent with you
Abandoned without 「Good Bye」, it was so sad
But memories in my mind, memories I'll never foreget
Love to see you again going back to those happy days
Love to see you again
Just once again before I leave for 「the Raimbow Bridge」
Love to see you again

Love to see you again, just like those happy days
I want to be with you, it's my only desire
Love to see you again before I leave for 「the Raimbow Bridge」
Love to see you just once again, Love to see you

Do you know........
the fact that as many as 239,256 dogs and cats were killed at the public animal ptorection centers due to human being's egoistic selfishness?.....
(According to a national animal administration questionnaire reseach by ALIVE, 2009
SALA NETWORK is a group of volunteers doing various activities every day
with the hope that the number of dogs and cats who have to face "cruel end of life" will be zero.
We sincerely await the support, cooperation and active participation from many people who would share our thought!

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