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Objectives of activities
Composition of members
SALA regulations
The program for the rescued dogs and cats.

ADOPTION PROGRAM `encounter new family `

After being given health check and basic training, the rescued dogs & cats are waiting for families who adopt and take care of them until their lives end with love and full responsibility as their owners.

 Those who wish to be an adoptive family are requested to fill out the application form and then meet with dog or cat they want. Adoption procedure will be made only when both sides (adoptive family and dog or cat) hope.

 If hoped by both sides, an adoptive family is requested to sign the written oath, to pay for the expenses mentioned on the detailed treatment sheet and to submit a copy of an identification.

communications through animals

@Communicating and touching the animals will release people from lonliness, despair or hopelessness and it will contribute to good physical and mental rehabilitation. Also taking care of the animals will remind you of life worth living, cooperation, sympathy, reverence to life, hope, sorrow and death. On the other hand, it would also be greatly worthwhile for the children to participate in the activity.

 As the number of residential complexes increases children have less opportunity to communicate with animals or to live in the nature recently. The ill-hearted children lost consideration for the weak and they do not understand the actual meaning of "death". The cruel events are reported one after another and this seems to symbolize it.

 You are invited to participate in these activities, and please ascertain the effect with your own eyes.

FOSTER SYSTEM (supporting parents) ` meeting with foster parents

We have "SALA DOGs" (companion dogs) who are participating in various activities and they are very important staff members of SALA. They are properly trained and are very friendly to people and also to other animals. They were originally abandoned by owners or captured at public shelters as lost dogs.

The SALA Dogs, both big and small, are regularly visiting nursing homes for the aged, elementary schools, playing with children, etc. - this is one of our main activities, and they are our very important staff members who do not speak but greatly contribute to appealing that they are not dirty or you should not unnecessarily be scared of them.

We widely look for "foster parents - supporting parents" who would kindly support a part of the dogs' everyday food, medical and other expenses. More than one parent can support the same dog or one parent can support more than one dog as they want. If the foster parents designate specific dogs or cats, they can go out and stay overnight with the dogs or cats if they want.. It is possible that foster parents can receive photographs of their supporting dogs/cats once a month if they request as well as their up-dated condition.@

 Suggest the government's Animal Protection             Adm.Offices various campaigns and activities.

The thoroughness of spaying and neutering operations

In order to reduce the number of unhappy lives to be born we thoroughly promote neutering and spaying operations and strongly recommend that puppies and kittens should be given the operations before they become 5 months old - this would also be good for their health.

 Spaying and neutering operations for the dogs/cats who are rescued and protected and waiting for adoption families are mandatory at our organization.

Registration tags and name tags for dogs/cats are indispensable

Once registered, dogs will have the same official registration tag numbers (given at each government office) for life since 1995. Having your dogs bear their name tags would help in reducing the number of the dogs who are lost and killed at the public animal shelters. As for dogs, as long as they bear registration tags/name tags they can return to their owners after captured at whichever public animal shelters. Moreover, it's recommended to insert a micro-chip and put name tags on your dogs considering the possibility that lost dogs can be protected by general people.

 We promote introduction of micro-chip insertion for dogs and cats because it would make the best way for them to return to their owners in case they are lost. When animal is lost, it is totally wrong if you think "it would live somewhere somehow" or "someone will pick it up and take care of it". You should protect your own family members yourself.

Strongly request that all public offices/ animal shelters are mutually connected on-line nationwide

There are some dogs who cannot return to their owners because the lost dog report is not recorded. And, when lost dogs are captured out of jurisdiction of the public animal shelter where they are reported/recorded if they do no bear registration tags/name tags they will not return to their owners either.

 It is almost impossible for those who have job to report and confirm with all public animal shelters nationwide. It will be very sad if animal must lose its life due to complicated procedures or the owner's negligence or laziness.

 Currently, office automation is so advanced that registration, reporting lost dogs and captured dogs on-line data are indispensable

Campaign to promote dog/cat owners' moral
- proper care & training

@By participating in events, bazaars and nursing home visits we try to widely promote animal physiology and how to give animals proper training.

 We are planning "training lessons" anyone can easily participate by area. As a first step, we are carrying out "junior weekend training school" where children can learn how to train dogs.

 We would like to ask for kind cooperation of dog trainers who agree with our activities.

Introduction of breeders & pet shops license system
@Planless breeding of so called popular dogs/cats results in increasing number of unhappy dogs who suffer from born defects or dogs of unstable characteristics. This will make both the animals and their owners unhappy. Breeders/pet shops license system should be introduced to avoide planless breeding, over-breeding without reverence to life which makes many unhappy dogs and cats who are abandoned and killed. In case of the rules/regulations breach, the business should be stopped or the license should be cancelled.

Educate the junior members - love and protection for animals since childhood -

@It is impossible to save all of the animals who are killed at the public shelters. However, reverence to life and sympathy for animals should be created through communication with animals since childhood in order to make the number of unhappy dogs and cats close to zero as much as possible and the current situation srounding dogs/cats will be improved by the time the children grow up, married and have dogs or cats.

 The SALA junior members help the care of dogs and cats as well as disposal of their wastes. The more core families the less opportunity for children to communicate with the aged people, and SALA junior members are regularly attending monthly nursing home visits with SALA Dogs (animal-assisted activity program) - this is a great experience for the children.

 Rearing the junior members is the big pillar of SALA's activities, and we believe this would be the hope of the future.
Training assistance dogs and the establishing a house
for retired assistance dogs

Out of the rescued dogs we select some dogs who are properly fitting for assistance dogs and hearing dogs and they are now under training. After training is completed, they are waiting to meet with the people who need them. This is done by another organization "ADI".

 We plan to continue training of assistance dogs and hearing dogs. And, we also need to establish the house for those assistance dogs and hearing dogs to relax for the rest of life after they retired.

The page of the related item "ADI"

The realization of dog parks

There are many dog parks installed at a request of dog owners in Europe and America where dogs can run around without leash. These "dog parks" are strongly desired to be installed also in Japan.

 On the other hand, dog owners' morals must be improved. Lack of dog owners morals will result in losing dog parks and they should bear this fact in mind firmly.

Living with companion animals even at residential complexes

@Importance of communicating with animals is recently recognized again considering the fact that in the cities many residential complexes are built close together and we all face the future aging society.

 It is the time now when we foreget the old general common sence about the animals and we should consider them as our partners who walked the long history along with us.

 Residential complexes E educational facilities E nursing homes for the aged E child welfare establishments E reformatory E prisons EEE. If there are companion animals in these facilities, they will be filled with much softer and more gentle atmosphere.

 It has been said "A dog is the best friend to human being." since the old days. Hope that we, human being, will also be called "the best friend" by the animals EEE.


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