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Assistance Dogs Rearing Program

Waiting for your kind cooperation in hearing and assistance dogs rearing and promoting activities!

@Since we started our program of the introduction of "assistance dogs" and rearing activities, we received a voice from many people that they want to widen their life together with assistance dogs who can cope with their difficulties and lead an independent life. Responding to their request, we studied data of dometic and overseas rearing orgnizations and started "hearing and assistance dogs rearing program with candidates among the rescued dogs" with the cooperation of experienced trainers, veterinarians and medical doctors. We await consultation requests or interest in a life with assistance dogs from the disabled people, and also await people's offer of help and donations to this program.

@In Europe and America it is popular to select suitable dogs at the animal protection establishments and rear assistance dogs, and it is highly evaluated from the point of view of the animal protection. It is, however, very costly to rear assistance dogs. (about \1 million per dog). There are people who can get great possibility if they had assistance dogs, on the other hand there are dogs with aptitude to be assistance dogs but who are killed at the public animal shelters. Your kind cooperation is mostly needed to save these dogs and to help those who need assistance dogs.

A/C # for paymet to the Assistance Dogs Rearing Fund

Postal transfer (at post office counter)@@00110-1-416229@ADI

Automatic remittance (post office general account) 10090-74997291@ ADI@Kasumi Tanino@


Home > A.D.I_Rearing Fund
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